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The Sutton Courtenay Village Hall Management Trustees are pleased to  announce the completion of the refurbishment of the toilets, lobbies and  entrance area to the Village Hall. Considerable improvement to the electrical and fire safety of the building has also been undertaken.  This work was undertaken in direct response to our village-wide survey in which you told us that the appearance of the entrance to the building was dated and didn't feel welcoming.  We hope that you will agree that these areas have been transformed from “tired and dated” to clean, modern and energy efficient. It has taken several person-hours to raise the funds, plan and design the project and manage its execution.  Huge thanks to Paul Galliver, Jane Chamberlain,  Mary Warrington, Karl Gebhart  and Rita Atkinson.  A big thank you to our contractor Ian Maconochie and his team. 

 The refurbishment was phased and there is still more work to be done.  However, the Trustees are first reviewing the management of the Village Hall with the support of the Parish Council to move towards a viable and sustainable management model.  Currently the management is heavily dependent on the voluntary contributions of a few trustees.

Thank you to the Parish Council for supporting our s106 application and to FCC Community Foundation for a grant that enabled this work to be undertaken.  

Robin Norman
Chainman, Sutton Courtenay Village Hall Management Trustees


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